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Royal Decree No. (33/2012) dated May 26, 2012, establishing the Civil Aviation Authority and be with legal personality and financial and administrative independence so as to be the authority responsible for various regulatory and legislative aspects of the Civil Aviation Affairs in the Sultanate of Oman. And work on the provision of air navigation services and the National Service of Meteorology.

Where the decree was catalytic and supportive to achieving the goals and vision of CAA and achieve the highest levels of safety on air and land. The work of the Commission in the regulatory and service aspects in terms of enacting and implementing regulations and regulations governing civil aviation in the Sultanate of Oman, and the issuance of licenses necessary for crews and stations Maintenance, held bilateral air agreements between the Sultanate and other countries, and the development of policies and controls to ensure the security of airports and air transport safety. And set the foundations for the development of revenues of the Sultanate airports and their facilities and maintain those investments and encourage investment opportunities. As for the functions of the service, the body creates and manages the operation and maintenance of air navigation systems development and organization of air traffic and the granting of transit and landing permits, monitoring, inspections and investigations in the field of competence on the institutions and airlines operating in the Sultanate operations.