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Application for Aerodrome Certificate

  1. Service name and description

Application for Aerodrome Certificate (Initial Certification or Renew for Aerodrome Certificate)

  1. Specific Conditions

As per CAR 139-Part 1, aerodromes used by an air operator for the purpose of international civil aviation or used by an air operator for the purpose of a 30 seat scheduled service for the transport of passengers shall be certified (see the requirement CAR 139-Part1 - Chapter 1.4). This service has been settled for the inclusion of a requirement for the certification of aerodromes in the CAR 139-Part1 which in return will ensure that aerodrome operators can meet their obligations in accordance with the terms and conditions of the aerodrome certificate.

  1. Applicable for Customers

Aerodrome operator / Companies

  1. Service provider

Aerodrome Safety Department

  1. Procedure
  1. Application: The Applicant shall submit an application to CAA (DGCAR) at least 90 before the requested target date for initial Aerodrome Certification / Renew of the certificate as per requirements stipulated in CAR 139. This step will include meeting with the applicant and submission of an Aerodrome Certification Plan.
  2. Review: The CAA will review all documentation for initial Aerodrome Certification. The review will have included assessment of the Aerodrome Manual the related documentation required (Refer to CAR-139 Chapter 11.1). The verification of compliance will be also conducted during audits and the applicant will be required to provide an action plan with timescales to rectify or mitigate all findings.
  3. Issue of Aerodrome Certificate: The CAA will only issue an Aerodrome Certificate, when the CAA is completely satisfied that all regulatory and critical safety elements have been adequately addressed; this may require a further CAA audit / inspection follow-up visit and / or special additional operating approvals. This includes evidence of any prior approvals or permissions.
  4. Delivery of Aerodrome Certificate: Collection shall be at CAA head quarter Muscat Office as informed by the CAA.
  5. Record: The Applicant will provide all documents required for filing purposes.
  6. Publication: if the certificate was issued the CAA will publish the status of certification of the aerodrome in the AIP.
  1. Required Documents

An applicant for an aerodrome certificate shall submit to CAA for approval:

  • An application for an aerodrome certificate shall be signed by the Accountable manager (refer to Form bellow);
  • Copies of the proposed aerodrome manual including the emergency plan, safety management system, organizational structure of the aerodrome operator,
  • Rescue and firefighting service operations manual,
  • Security programme for the aerodrome,
  • Aerodrome and obstacle survey,
  • Aerodrome chart, at a scale of 1:2500 showing all obstacles, aerodrome boundary, and all airside operational infrastructure,
  • g. Apron chart, at a scale of 1:500, showing all aircraft parking stands, markings, dimensions and airside operational infrastructure,
  • Draft AIP AD2 text and charts if needed.
  • A draft completed aerodrome certification checklist (Attachment D)
  • The application referred to in paragraph (1) (a) shall be in a form and manner acceptable to the CAA and shall be signed, in ink by the applicant and include the appropriate application fee.
  1. Fees & Payment Mechanism
  • Application fees: 1000 OMR paid when submitting the application
  • Certification fees: 5000 OMR paid when the certificate will be issued
  1. Time Consumed
  • not less than 90 days before initial certification or the certificate expires

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