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Application Forms for the Establishment of General Aviation Activities

The Civil Aviation Authority herewith announces the availability of application forms for the establishment of General Aviation activities. Interested applicants are invited to proceed as follows:

1) Submit the duly filled out forms (AT/2016/001, /003, /004, /006)

2) Concurrently submit proof of the appropriate fee payment in accordance with the following schedule:

     a) Application for commercial transport of passengers (up to 20 passengers) : 300 OMR

     b) Application for commercial transport of passengers (20 passengers or more): 450 OMR

     c) Application for tourism related activities: 150 OMR

     d) Application for other general aviation: 300 OMR

3) Payment of the due fees shall be submitted in person to finance department, while the duly filled forms along with proof of fee payment shall be submitted to the Economic and Air Transport Department at the Directorate General for Civil Aviation Regulations.

4) For any inquiries, please contact the Economic and Air Transport Regulation Department at Muscat local number: 00968 /24354057/24354059/24354066


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