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Directorate General of Support Services

The Directorate General of Support Services ensures alignment with Omani governmental requirements and policies. It provides support activities to facilitate CAAs operations, while maintaining a high level of service across the following functions:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Technical Services
  • Develop CAA‘s Human Resources and ensure continuous capability enhancement
  • Work closely with CAA‘s departments to ensure financial sustainability through optimizing revenue and cost streams
  • Manage CAA‘s properties (buildings, offices)
  • Execute CAA corporate projects on-time and on-budget

The Human Resources Department is responsible for:

  • Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Managing and enforcing Human Resources policies
  • Developing the Human Resources strategy
  • Managing Human Resources unit, its budgeting and its employees
  • Implementing Omani labor-related policies
  • Defining CAA future manpower and training needs
  • Designing and implementing training programs in coordination with respective departments
  • Maintaining and updating the organization structure
  • Managing recruiting, career development, compensation policy and reward system
  • Maintaining and updating job descriptions
  • Ensuring communication between Human Resources and other departments

The Finance Department is responsible for:

  • Managing treasury and cash flow, and establishing relevant policies and procedures
  • Coordinating with the Ministry of Finance and ensuring alignment to their guidelines
  • CAA‘s finance and accounting including:
    • Developing annual budget and long term financial plan in coordination with the other CAA functions
    • Performing budgetary control
    • Developing the financial plan of CAA and supporting the definition of charges and fees
    • Preparing financial reporting for the CEO and the Board of Directors
    • Managing insurances and banks relations
    • Managing financial and accounting operations
    • Managing the overall financial performance (financial control)
    • Reviewing and approving financial policies and procedures, guidelines, templates, timelines and forecast
    • Reviewing periodic financial reports and financial statements
    • Providing financial advice on proposed changes of any policy, revenue sources and expenditures

The Technical Services Department is responsible for:

  • managing CAA‘s Technical Services functions including: 
    • Property Management
    • Corporate Projects
    • Logistics
    • Procurement and Warehousing
  • It is also responsible for ensuring Technical Services maintains a high level of service to other departments