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Pilots license

1. Service name and description

  • Pilots License (Issuing - Adding new qualification - Renewal).
  • Service is requested when airlines have intention to assign pilots to operate flights under specific conditions.

2. Service stages brief description

  • Application letter to Flight Safety Director requesting obtaining commercial flying licenses (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL).
  •  Reviewing the request and conducting laws and regulations test for successful requests.
  • Paying the imposed fees when passing the tests.

3. Service provider

Directorate of Flight Safety – Licensing Section

4. Service related information

The average required time to provide the service is five working days.

5. Service required documents

  •  Service application form.
  •  2x recent photographs in uniform with blue background.
  •  Copy of the pilots training programme attached with form (PELO 406).
  • Copy of the original license.
  • Copy of the Omani authenticated medical certificate.
  • Passport or ID copy.
  • An authenticating letter from the flying license provider.
  • English language competent certificate.
  • Application must be submitted 15 days before the expiration date, but can be received by flight safety directorate 60 days before the expiration of the license

6. Service fees

     New issue or renewal 300 Omani Rials
     Adding new qualification 60 Omani Rials
     Evaluation 70 Omani Rials

7. Service request conditions

This is pilots only service.

8. Complains and grievance

Visit flight safety directorate during working hours in the event of non-issuance of the license.