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Internal Audit Department

The Audit Department is responsible for the following:

  • Conducting audits of the CAA's expenses and assets.
  • Auditing the treasury works and carrying out inventory procedures.
  • Audit the current budgets and capital of the CAA.
  • Submit the necessary financial and administrative reports, in particular, the periodic financial and administrative reports to the CEO.
  • Verify the application of the published provisions of the laws, rules, regulations, publications, financial and administrative procedures.
  • Develop and implement an annual plan for periodic review of financial and administrative activities by administrative divisions.
  • Carrying out periodic and sudden inventory work for safes, warehouses, cars, advances and fixed or assigned funds.
  • Review all exchange certificates referred to it to ensure their compliance with the applied provisions of the laws, rules, and regulations, and adopt them by the computer.
  • Review the revenues of the CAA in accordance with the published regulations.
  • Taking actions in case of finding any financial or administrative violation in the CAA.
  • Receiving remarks, financial and administrative issues from the reports of the State Audit Institution, that is referred to the Department by the CEO on the examination of the work of CAA and study in coordination with those who concerned in CAA. Addition to that, prepare the necessary response to the State Audit Institution and follow up the implementation of handling the remarks.
  • Receive financial and administrative remarks and reports from the external auditor's reports, which are forwarded by the CEO, and follow up the implementation of feedback handling.
  • Examination of books, accounts and financial, accounting documents, the associate and review in part or in full in accordance with the annual program approved by the CEO.
  • Develop proposals for improvements in the financial and administrative audit policies of the CAA.
  • Ensure the implementation of the recommendations related to the financial and administrative audit guidelines, policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors.
  • Review, process and follow up the requests, recommendations, and decisions of the Audit Committee.
  • Any other tasks falling within its competence.