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Customer Services Department

The  Customer Services Department is responsible for the following:

  • Receiving customers, handling and recording their applications.
  • Provide the customers with the required information regarding their applications and guide them to the concerned entities in the CAA.
  • Categorize requests of the customers, and direct them to meet required stuff.
  • Create a record to report the submitted requests and topics and refer them to the relevant divisions in the CAA.
  • Sorting the requests of the customers and presenting them to the CEO for guidance.
  •  Follow-up work of the various divisions in the CAA for subjects submitted by citizens to ensure that they are not delayed.
  • Inform the applicant about the taken action and the outcome.
  • Submit periodic reports to the CEO on the subjects related to the customers, and prepare the statistical tables after the inventory, sorting, and classification.
  • Analyse of requests to know the orientation and submit them with the following suggestions to the CEO.
  • Take the necessary procedures to ensure the electronic transformation of the customers' services of in coordination with the Department of Information Technology.
  • Any other tasks falling within its competence.