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Directorate General of Air Navigation

The Directorate General of Air Navigation is responsible for:

  • Providing Air Navigation servicess
  • Air space planning in coordination with the stakeholders
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Communication, Navigation and Surveillance and Projects
  • QMS and SMS
  • Training
  • Participating in national and international forums and panels on the behalf of the Omani government, as required
  • Responsible of recommending ANS fees and charges to the Air Transport unit

The Air Traffic Management Department is responsible for:

  • Providing en-route services, including Providing Area Control service (ACC), alerting service and flow control within the Muscat Flight Information Region (FIR)
  • Managing Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and coordinating with air operators and airports
  • Providing approach and tower services
  • Managing rostering of Air Traffic Management

AIM Department is responsible for:

  • Updating the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) with permanent or long term information of airways, danger areas, radio navigation aids, airports, communications, meteorology and rules for the Muscat FIR
  • Designing and updating charts/ AIPs as required by ICAO
  • Publishing Aeronautical Information Supplements
  • Publishing Aeronautical Information Circulars
  • Issuing NOTAM for the entire Muscat FIR
  • Maintaining an up-to-date library containing AIPs of other states, major ICAO documents and State letters
  • Designing instrument approach procedures
  • Coordinating airspace design/ changes with regulatory function
  • Engaging third party suppliers to design and chart AIPs

CNS Department is responsible for:

  • Developing maintenance and upgrade plans for all CNS equipment
  • Providing maintenance of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems
  • Providing maintenance of the following equipment:
  • Display systems in the Area Control Centre (ACC) and Emergency ACC
  • Communications equipment
  • CAA‘s offsite radar stations
  • Providing Mechanical and Electrical maintenance
  • Managing maintenance contracts, contracted labor and inhouse technicians
  • Upgrading CNS equipment
  • Planning, managing, upgrading and maintaining ANSrelated IT infrastructure and IT application
  • Performing cost/benefit analysis of Air Navigation Service IT infrastructure and applications to be purchased
    Managing CNS upgrade and extension