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Security permits for airport entry

1. Service name and description

Security permits for airport entry: This service is required to enable employees of Civil Aviation Authority and the contracting companies’ employees by CAA to provide any service to enter the restricted places of all civil airports while carrying out their functions.

2. Service stages brief description

  • Submit the request to the Aviation Security and Facilities Dept.
  • Review the documents attached with the application.
  • Reviewed the places required to enter the applicant according to the job description of the employee and approved by the director of the department.
  • Send the request by official letter to the competent authority (ROP), Airport Permits Section.
  • Airport permits Section will take action to grant the permit.
  • The security permit will receive by the employee personally from the airport permit Section.

3. Service provider

Aviation Security and Facilitation Department

4. Service related information

The average required time to provide the service is two days.

5. Service required documents

  • Security permit application form (entry area identification form)
  • ID Copy (For Omani) / passport Copy (For expatriates).
  • Photo No. (2) With Red Caliph.
  • A copy of the previous security permits (in case of renewal)
  • Police form (in case of issue)
  • A copy of the Appointment decision for the Omani / employment contract for expatriates (in case of issue) Copy of vehicle License (issuance or renewal of vehicle)

6. Service fees

Not Applicable.

7. Service request conditions

  • Only for the employee of the Civil Aviation Authority or the staff of any contracting company’s by CAA to provide any service.
  • Ensure that all documents are completed upon request.

8. Complains and grievance

Submitted to the Director of the Department