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CAA Security Office

The CAA's security office provides the following services:
  • Implementation of security plans and programs and to ensure the application of modern methods in security.
  • Responsible for all security aspects of the CAA.
  • Supervising the security guards in the CAA.
  • Conduct periodic inspection tours from time to time to all divisions of the CAA at irregular intervals to ensure that there are no security violations or any weakness in the security system of. In addition, conduct an investigation into the existence of an offense and report accordingly to the CEO.
  • Protect classified materials and maintain their confidentiality.
  • Supervising the premises of the CAA, the entry, and exit procedures and follow up all aspects of security in the CAA.
  • Ensure that there are no people inside the CAA building after the official working hours before closing the doors, except the authorized persons.
  • Carry out the procedures related to the patent, the security form, the relevant job affairs, and follow up the correspondence.
  • Complete the personal data form and follow up the inquiries and responses of the concerned parties.
  • Filling out comprehensive security questionnaires for employees who review classified data.
  • Issuing security instructions in the CAA and following up on their implementation.
  • Conduct an investigation into the loss or the exposure of any classified material made available to persons who are not entitled to do so, and report thereon to the CEO.
  • Training the staff of the CAA to follow the security instructions and raise awareness in it on a continuous basis.
  • Submit a periodic report to the CEO of all violations of the security system within the CAA.
  • Study the conditions of the work environment, propose what is appropriate for their development and raise it to the CEO.
  • Any other duties within the scope of its terms of reference.