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Issuance of export airworthiness certificate

  1. Service name and description
  • Issuance of export airworthiness certificate.
  • certificate for each registered aircraft in Oman in order to be carried inboard the aircraft.
  • This certificate indicates the particular aircraft complies with TC holders and the aircraft is airworthy. 
  1. Service provider
  •  Flight Safety
  1. Regulatory reference
  •  Royal Degree No 93/2004
  •  Annex 6 ICAO
  •  CAR M
  •  Civil Aviation Notice (CAN) No. 1-04 and 1-06.
  •  OPM
  1. Documents Required
  • Letter from the AOC holder./Owner
  • DGCAR forms AWR045
  • Payment of CAA invoice fee
  • Note : Any additional documents can be requested by the Flight Safety Department
  1. Workflow
  • Submit a completed application with all documents required by the Air Safety Department
  • Verification of the technical data provided.
  • Coordination with the logistics department to book a car for field inspection.
  • Field inspection of the aircraft.
  • Delivery of export airworthiness certificate when all technical and legal conditions are satisfactory.
  • Updating the follow-up of Aircraft airworthiness data base
  • Storage of documents and technical data.
  1. Fees & Payment Mechanism
  • Issuance or Renewal of CofA: R.O.8.000 for each100 kg. of aircraft’s maximum permissible weight or part thereof.
  1. Time Consumed
  • 1 Month  from reception of the application.


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