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Amendment of an Aerodrome Certificate


  1. Service name and description

Amendment of an aerodrome certificate


  1. Specific Conditions

The regulatory framework for the amendment of an aerodrome certificate is stipulated in CAR-139, Chapter 11.5., where a certificate is amended when:

a) There is a change in the use or operation of the aerodrome;

b) There is a change in the boundaries of the aerodrome;

c) The holder of the aerodrome certificate requests the amendment; or

d) There is a change in the ownership or management of the aerodrome.


  1. Applicable for Customers

  Aerodrome operator / Companies


  1. Service provider

   Aerodrome Safety Department


  1. Procedure
  1. Application: written application shall be submitted to CAA (DGCAR) at least 30 days before the date of intended service provision
  2. Review: On receipt of a request for an amendment, the CAA will conduct such checks and inspections as are necessary to ensure that the full implications of the request have been addressed by the aerodrome operator.
  3. Amendment of Aerodrome Certificate: The CAA will only amend the aerodrome certificate, when the CAA is completely satisfied that all regulatory and critical safety elements have been adequately addressed; this may require a further audit / inspection.
  4. Delivery of Aerodrome Certificate: Collection shall be at CAA head quarter Muscat Office as informed by the CAA.
  5. Record: The Applicant will provide all documents required for filing purposes.


  1. Required Documents

An applicant for an aerodrome certificate shall submit to CAA:

  • Written Letter
  • Any documents or plan on the subject of the amendment required.



  1. Fees & Payment Mechanism
  • Application fees:  free


  1. Time Consumed


  • not less than 30 days before the date of intended service provision

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