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Issuance of initial certificate for Air Traffic Service Units

1. Service name and description

  • Issuance of initial certificate for Air Traffic Service Units

2. Service stages brief description

  • Issuance of initial two-year certificate for Air Traffic Services (ATS) in accordance with CAR 172 requirements  (three year available on request)

3. Service provider

Air Navigation Safety Department

4. Requirements & Regulations

  • ICAO Annex 11
  • ICAO Annex 19
  • CAR 172

5. Service required documents    

  • Letter of Request from the service provider's Chief Executive to DGCAR
  • Form ANS 172-0
  • Applicant’s exposition
  • Safety Management System (SMS) manual
  • Quality Management System (QMS) manual
  • Manual of Air Traffic Standard Operating Procedures (MATSOP)
  • Other documents as may be requested by DGCAR

6. Service fees

  • Application 350 OMR per unit or facility
  • Issuance 2000 OMR 2 year (3 year on request)

7. Workflow (Internally & Externally)

  • Application payment
  • Submit a complete application with all required documents to ANSD
  • Perform on site certification audit if required
  • Compliance notification
  • Certificate payment
  • Issuance of certificate

8. Time Consumed

  • 30 days.




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