Oman CAA Organizes Youth Group Session with Legal Advisors

21 February 2023
Oman CAA Organizes Youth Group Session with Legal Advisors

In coordination and cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Civil Aviation Authority held today a youth group session entitled (Dialogue with Youth) at the Civil Aviation Authority's headquarters in Muscat.


This seminar aspires to empower young professionals mostly by educating them, listening to their viewpoints, and addressing any concerns they may have on international civil aviation issues.


The ICAO Secretary-General, the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, several heads of civil aviation authorities from Oman and other Arab nations, experts from the ICAO, legal experts from Oman CAA, legal academics, and a number of law students from universities and colleges attended the session.


Four main topics were covered during the session, including the roles and competencies of the (ICAO), the roles and competencies of civil aviation in Arab countries, the laws and regulations, as well as the appeal of the aviation industry to young people.


The dialogue sessions and the involvement of young people create an environment that is conducive for discussing issues, gives them an opportunity to present their initiatives and propose integrated programs, and encourages them to come up with solutions and services that reflect the effective and positive participation of young people in society.

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