Procedures for Dealing with Infectious Diseases Spread by Air Transport

25 February 2020
Procedures for Dealing with Infectious Diseases Spread by Air Transport

Following what is being circulated on flight suspension between the Sultanate’s airports and the countries that the Ministry of Health instructed not travel to at the present time, CAA, in coordination with the competent authorities, confirms the continuation of the precautionary measures in the Sultanate’s airports to deal with this health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID19), and in accordance with the frameworks approved by international organizations.

CAA emphasizes that the decision to temporarily suspend trips to certain countries is as per the Ministry of Health instructions, and is in coordination with the relevant authorities.

CAA exercises its oversight role on the readiness, commitment, and compliance of airport operators and airlines with public health requirements issued by the Ministry of Health.

It is also worth noting that CAA has begun issuing instructions to airport operators and air operators from the very beginning in order to curb the transmission of the disease to the Sultanate as much as possible.

Taking into account the impact that these measures may have on travelers, CAA issued Circular No. 1M/2020, 24 Feb 2020, obligating airlines to cooperate with travelers concerning their confirmed flight for the countries specified in the Ministry of Health Statement No. 6, Feb 22 2020.


CAA also invites travelers whose flights were suspended due to the restriction to verify the status of their flights with airlines and obtain updates on any instructions to be followed.

CAA, in coordination with the relevant authorities, is taking the appropriate measures to facilitate the return of citizens and residents of the restricted countries to their homelands.



 May Allah protect Oman and all its residents.

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