Participation of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation PACA in the celebration of the 7th World Day for Global Accessibility Awareness

17 May 2018
Participation of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation PACA in the celebration of the 7th World Day for Global Accessibility Awareness


The Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) participated in the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on Thursday, May 17, 2018, which chosen to be in the third Thursday of May every year, to encourage everyone to learn, think and speak about digital technology for people with special needs and the elderly.

In recognition from PACA and its mission which based on the proficiency and efficiency in providing services related to the aviation sector to the community in all its segments, PACA has incorporated a series of global options to enable people with special needs and the elderly to access information through their communication platforms, including the website which is supported by the aloud voice reading feature of the text and at the speeds determined by the browser as desired. The web website's browser can also download the audio content for later use, as well as the text zoom option so that the reader can reach the suitable font size for reading.


To ensure that information and awareness’s are equally accessible to people with special needs, issues related to the rights of travelers, especially those with special needs, have been included in a text and audio format in PACA’s websites to ensure absolute access and reach to important topics at a time when digital technology is a priority that should be promoted through the application of best global practices. At the level of the social networking pages, PACA is keen to broadcast the information in a written way, in addition to the infographic method to enable the blind to interact with the information/news in an effective and influential way.

As the translation of the speech delivered by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said during the opening of the annual session of the Council of Oman in 2008 during which His Majesty mentioned about the importance of developing e-government services and creating a national strategy to deal with them. With the guidance of the CEO of PACA, Dr.Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Zaabi, PACA is working in the e-transformation project, which aims to increase the utilization rate of e-government services, full access, and quality, citizens guidance for all the residents, and businesses sectors to use them.

On this occasion, HE Dr.Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Zaabi, stressed the importance of awareness of e-Accessibility of the digital permeability of the service sectors in the Sultanate and its implementation through the establishment of an integrated system that takes into account the special needs of all members of the society. Thus, enables them to benefit from the e-Services. The PACA in cooperation with the Information Technology Authority currently working to overcome difficulties and obstacles to complete the electronic transformation project, achieve digital integration and create information and communication technology infrastructure for the PACA which will, in turn, contribute to building a bridge of digital technology to ensure fast reach and equal access to services.


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