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Closing of the fourth meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation in Middle East

20 October 2017
Closing of the fourth meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation in Middle East

The fourth meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation in Middle East concluded on Thursday 19 October 2017. It hosted by Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) in Muscat during the period (17-19) October 2017, chaired by HE Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser Al-Zaabi, CEO of PACA.

The meeting was attended by her Excellency, the Secretary General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Directors General of Civil Aviation in the Middle East region and the numbers of regional and international Authorities and organizations in the sector.The delegates praised the Sultanate's remarkable development, excellent facilities and modern technologies in the field of civil aviation.

The meeting ended successfully with the adaptation of “Muscat Declaration” taking into account the ICAO’s recommendations which are:

  1. All States should implement ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as well as policies until they have safe, secure air transport systems. Further, efficient and environmentally friendly, supports, sustainable development and social and economic prosperity, which ties the friendship and understanding among the nations.
  2.  Because of the different level of capacity to meet and maintain compliance with recommended standards and practices in States, they are not always able to effectively implements them at the date at which ICAO has adopted these standards.
  3. Through an approach of cooperation, synergy and coordination in partnership with all stakeholders, further progress are made in promotion of civil aviation, which includes the provision of effective human and financial resources for the implementation of assistance activities tailored to the needs of individual States.
  4. The ICAO’s Strategic Objectives linked to 13 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  5. The successful implementation of the “No Country Left Behind” (NCLB) initiative will enhance States’ air transport systems and align with the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the recommendations of the Muscat Declaration was that, ICAO would lead the NCLB initiative and continue to provide technical assistance to the members in the Middle East region. States and international organizations should provide voluntary contributions in kind and in support of the Initiative and its activities in the Middle East region.

The objectives set out in the Muscat Declaration were to Establish arrangements for cooperation in the promotion and development of civil aviation in support of the NCLB initiative to help countries in the Middle East to increase the level of effective implementation of recommended standards and practices. Strengthening participation at the highest levels and accountability; to accelerate the implementation of the commitments agreed in advance in the Doha Declaration and to achieve the objectives of regional safety and aviation. As well as the improvement of regional safety oversight capacity. Finally, to establish long-term partnerships among countries based on the benefit of all parties.

The commitments signed by the participating States in the Muscat Declaration are summarized as follows:

  1. Urge States to participate actively in the activities of Regional Office in the Middle East to promote the effective implementation of recommended standards, practices and policies.
  2. Encourage States to respond appropriately to enhance their safety oversight capabilities and level of implementation of the ICAO SARPs, plans and policies, through the development and implementation of tailored (NCLB) plan of actions, contributing to the achievement of the regional performance targets.
  3. Urge States, the industry, financial institutions, donors and other stakeholders to coordinate and cooperate amongst themselves and through ICAO, and to support the implementation of assistance activities in line with the global and regional priorities established by ICAO, thereby avoiding duplication of efforts.
  4. Encourage States to include within their aviation infrastructure development projects, elements of training and capacity building aimed at strengthening their civil aviation authorities to enable an effective oversight of such infrastructure
  5. Encourage States to establish partnerships with other States,  industry, financial institutions, donors and other stakeholders through ICAO to enhance their civil aviation systems and oversight capabilities.
  6. Invite relevant partners who are able to provide States in need with financial and technical resources to assist them in enhancing their civil aviation systems by implementing SARPs and fulfilling their oversight responsibilities.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed bin Nasser bin Ali Al Zaabi, CEO of PACA, said: "The achieved results by Muscat Declaration will impact positively on the future of civil aviation in the region. Through the adoption of several projects and initiatives, cooperation between the countries of the region will enhance level of aviation security and safety and environmental conservation will substantially rise accordingly.

With regard to the ICAO initiative of NCLB, his Excellency said that all participating countries are supportive of this initiative, which will greatly contribute in the integration of the aviation system in the region, and the development of the civil aviation sector on Regional and international levels.

His Excellency also confirmed an agreement, for all countries and international organizations involved especially (ICAO), on all the provisions of the Muscat Declaration.


It worth mentioning that, the fourth meeting of Directors General of Civil Aviation in Middle East held every two years in one of the countries in the region and this is the first time hosted by the Sultanate, in the presence of the Honorable Dr. / Secretary General of ICAO .

In conclusion, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation appreciates all sponsors and contributors for making this meeting and its accompanying events successful.





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