Standing Committee for Meteorology and Climate in GCC countries begins its opening meeting

07 September 2015
Standing Committee for Meteorology and Climate in GCC countries begins its opening meeting

The Standing Committee for Meteorology and Climate Cooperation Council in (GCC) was established by the Ministerial Council of the GCC edition No. 120, which was held in Jeddah on September 11, 2011 in the framework of the Cooperation Council, track human affairs and the environment sector of the Secretariat. Ministerial Decree requires that the Commission applied to the unified  and internal rules of procedure of the ministerial committees and the rule adopted by the Ministerial Council at its No. 119. The Committee is composed of the heads of meteorological facilities in GCC countries. In implementation of the common system of ministerial committees, it was agreed at the first meeting of the Standing Committee in April 2012 that the chairmanship of the Committee system and rules rotate the presidency will be in accordance with the practice in committees that operate within the framework of the Cooperation Council, to be Vice Chairman of the Committee of State that follows in the Presidium of the Supreme Council. The Committee is concerned with: -

  1. Cooperation Council to coordinate the efforts in the field of meteorology, including the development of research and training programs in various meteorological services and applications.
  2. Work on raising the level of technical and human capacities of the meteorological facilities for the GCC countries.
  3. Work on the development of systems and processing data and information meteorological and climatic exchange.
  4. Work on the exchange of experiences and transfer of technology among the GCC countries in the field of meteorology and climate.
  5. Work to strengthen coordination among the GCC countries in the field of forecasts and warnings of extreme weather and climate.
  6. Propose the necessary for the integration of meteorological facilities in the GCC countries with climate-related natural disasters and early warning mechanisms centers.
  7. Coordination and cooperation with the organizations, Authorities and regional and international centers related to serve the objectives and interests of the GCC countries
The Eighth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the meteorological and climate in the GCC countries include also several topics including schedule follow-up to implement the recommendations of the Seventh Meeting, which included on several topics i.e. meteorological services of Aeronautics, applied standards and technical specifications of devices meteorology, strengthening the role of the GCC countries in the field of agricultural meteorology, satellite meteorological, connecting a network of weather radar. The meeting will also discuss the draft law indicative Unified Meteorological for the GCC countries as well as to discuss aspects related to seismic monitoring and strengthening of relations between the weather forecast centers in the GCC countries and the role of media in the speed of the deployment and delivery of warnings and weather forecasts.

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